Sender dels Pirineus. GR 11


Del Cap de Creus al Massís de la Maladeta

The GR 11 is the path that allows us to cross from one end to the Pyrenees. Approximately half of this road passes by Catalan speaking: Catalonia, the principality of Andorra and Franja. In total, about 400 km. For the first time we can enjoy a guide made in Catalan and key, so start walking from the end of the path that we have in Catalonia, Cap de Creus, where the Pyrenees emerge with force and end the Mediterranean adventure to bandage the foot of the great peaks over 3,000 meters. Twenty-three stages that every hiker can easily adapt to your needs and tastes, the lengthening or shortening them. A guide designed to be useful both to those who want the author to make the trip all in one go, for those who want to keep just one particular section. One can only love what we know. This guide will take you to beautiful valleys, lush paths, open ridges to the wind. It rests with abundant sources or feet in ice water to a lake or a stream or shade of good oak. Regain strength for the next day while sharing a table and conversation shelter or stroll through the streets of several towns … And when you are at home you will realize you love those regions and their people more before leaving it.

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