LA PALMA (Special solidarity issue)


Set of 2 maps 

Scale 1:25.000

Edition: 2022

The best map for hikers. Generous scale of
1:25.000 and impressive accuracy. Also remarkable
are its quality and its graphics,
which make the map more attractive. The extensive
path network, in excess of 1000 km,
has been clearly marked.
The best map for MTB cyclists. With all the
signposted routes.
The best map for tourism. For everybody
who wants to explore the island while driving.
It includes tourist attractions, natural
highlights, viewpoints, archaeological sites
and more.

•Set of 2 hiking maps
•Scale 1:25.000
•Equidistance contours: 10 m distance
•Master contours: at 50 m
•Shady relief
•Compatible with GPS
•Marked routes
•Land use symbolized at three levels

ISBN: 9788480909105 Categories: , , , ,

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