Official guidebook and map

Edition: 2011
Scale: 1:25.000

Language: Catalan, Spanish

This circuit (trekking) joining four shelters (mountain refuge) with that evocative name will take us to nearly of the sky when we’ll climb the highest peak of Catalonia (Spain), the Pica d’Estats (Montcalm massif, france), but also in its route we will climb another so interesting peak like the Certascan.

Also the color we see into the lakes is the reflection of the sky, and they show differently blue tones in each of them. And from the impressive lake of Certascan, that is the bigest natural lake of the Pyrenees, we will go for a walk through the Blaus lakes, the Romedos, lake of Sotllo, etc., in a places more easy for walk.

And far from this aspects also this route, not recognizing the borders created by the men, takes us to go for a walk through the both pyrenees sides, the Ariege and the catalan.

The Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu is the bigest of Catalonia, with nearly 70.000 he., located at the catalan axial Pyrenees, halfway between the regions of Pallars Sobirà and l’Alt Urgell. High mountains, with a high geological interest, a big number of d’ peculiars flora species, forest communities, a refuge d’rares or threated animal species and for this thing we must be very respectful with the nature.

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