Mountain gps compatible with all Alpine cartography

State of the art technology, speed, long battery life and toughness in a GPS device that reinvents sports navigation (MTB, road cycling, walking and other activities), all this along with reliable driving navigation and voice guidance.

TwoNav has equipped the TwoNav Anima with today’s best technology, including a high-quality chipset (UBLOX Max-7Q) to give you your current position accurately and immediately throughout your trip.

If you find this is not enough, you can use the TwoNav Anima with conventional batteries thanks a practical AA battery accessory, so that you never again need to worry about the battery life of your device.

The TwoNav Anima allows you to enjoy accurate navigation even in direct sunlight, with a clear view of your maps and an excellent view of your route by using a very fast, versatile and water-resistant flat touch-screen interface.

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