Hiking map and guidebook
Edition: 2015/2016

Language: Catalan

3mils.cat is a walk through a mountain to crown in a row on the road and all the peaks of 3000 meters of Catalonia , designed and documented by Jordi Puigneró i Ferrer.

The crossing has been designed to take in 10 stages of 6 hours on average every day, covering a total of about 125 km and an accumulated rise of about 10.000 meters.

Although it could be within days, this has not been thought through to compete but to enjoy. The route begins at the top of the Hill formally Molières or Mulleres and ends in Pic Rodó de Canalbona , crossing the beautiful valleys as Mollières, Besiberri and Boi , as well as sites of special protection such as the Parc Nacional d’Aigüestrotes-Sant MaMaurici and the Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu.

List of summits order of ascension:

• 1.- Tuc de Molières o Mulleres (3.010 m)
• 2.- Pic de Comaloforno (3.029 m)
• 3.- Besiberri Sud (3.024 m)
• 4.- Besiberri Nord (3.008 m)
• 5.- Punta Alta de Comalesbienes (3.014 m)
• 6.- Pic de Sotllo (3.072 m)
• 7.- Pic de Verdaguer (3.129 m)
• 8.- Pica d’Estats (3.143 m)
• 9.- Punta de Gabarró (3.114 m)
• 10.- Pic Rodó de Canalbona (3.004 m)

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